From 1998-2005 I practiced intensely both mountaineering and exploration, in which I had the opportunity to participate in different expeditions such as:

  • Exploration in the jungle of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala (1999).
  • First absolute world climbing of El Escudo, the northern wall of more than 1,000m at La Encantada (also called Pichacho del Diablo), Baja California Summit (1999).
  • Exploration of the Cuchumatanes mountain range in Guatemala (2000).
  • Crossing through the desert of Coahuila, Mexico (2001).
  • Bicycle Tour in the Iberian Peninsula: 2,000Km pedaled including El Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela (2002).
  • Probable first western crossing in the Great Desert of Altar (Sonora), in only 34 hours without sleep, being the fastest (2002). Crossing through a variant of the previous route (2003).
  • Bicycle crossing of the Atacama Desert, Chile, from the sea to the Andes on the border with Bolivia (2005).

I have been named as one of the three best student mountaineers in the history of the Association of Mountaineering and Exploration of the UNAM and I was nominated for the Student Sports Award of the UNAM (2002).