In my past and current work I have always followed an ideal of innovation, addressing various topics such as modeling anomalous diffusion processes in Ecology (Boyer & López-Corona, 2009), groundwater flow (López-Corona, 2011), mining data (López-Corona et al., 2013a), optimization with Evolutionary Computation (López-Corona et al., 2012) and modeling with agents (López-Corona et al., 2013d, c). In the mathematical part I have developed together with my collaborators a set of non-classical underground flow equations (López-Corona et al., 2013b) that in turn used a new method to arrive at a continuous formulation (for differential equation systems) partial) of discrete agent problems (López-Corona et al., 2013d).

I think it is important to highlight that all my work I have developed using free software, granting my programs and documents always free GPL licenses. In another area, I develop virtual environments of self-organized learning with different tools such as R-shiny and Descartes.

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