Complectere (free sample)

We live in a complex world, highly interconnected that changes rapidly, but at the same time we are immersed in a lifestyle and political systems that try to systematically and artificially isolate us from randomness (i.e. combat every wildfire), a process known as fragilization that produces several unintended consequences (i.e. yuge wildfires). It is also a time in which, as never before, those who make these fragilistic decisions that hurt us individually, collectively, and even our natural environment; are isolated from the consequences of their decisions and do not pay for their errors (no Skin in the game), but do benefit every time they can.

In response to this, it is important to speak out openly against those processes that isolate us as individuals and society from the forces of chance and evolution. On the contrary, it is key to promote all decisions, strategies, and processes that minimize catastrophic and scalable risks in exchange for assuming lower and manageable ones; at the same time that they maximize the benefits of those decisions, even allowing themselves to expose themselves to unexpected gains. This work is part of the recognition of the need to continue generating a deep understanding of the concept of Antifragility while promoting its responsible practice.

Complectere book is my personal contribution, that will be delivered into individual chapters/essays to give my readers optionality about what parts of the book they really want to read.  In case you see any typo or error, please let me now.

Enjoy this free samples of my oncoming book Complectre.

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