Antifragil, algunas notas

El viento apaga una vela y aviva el fuego.

Lo mismo pasa con el azar, la incertidumbre, el caos: queremos usarlos no ocultarnos de ellos. Queremos ser fuego y desear el viento

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Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility,randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk, and uncertainty.. there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile.

This is pretty much a sense of complexity

of much interesting is that aging and chronical diseases (as diabetes) lower your complexity level in physiological time series such as heart rate (working paper)

The complexity-fragility relation sound very good to me: scifunam.fisica.unam.mx/mir/copit/TS00…

Much of our modern, structured, world has been harming us with top-down
policies and contraptions (dubbed “Soviet-Harvard delusions” in the book) which do precisely this…which would be the México’s Soviet-Harvard equivalent?

I think this is the right way science should be done! Look @sergiomendozza you will love this book!

I think we really need get back the adventure spirit… love the way Messner says so

“You get pseudo-order when you seek order; you only get a measure of order and control when you embrace randomness” and this is why commercial expedition to Everest are very very bad idea.. alpine style is much more antifragile (secure)

And there is a lot of lack of SITG because mayor risk is taken by Sherpa climbers. reuters.com/article/us-pak…This is so much in the logic of Perrow’s normal accidents theory. Perrow, C. (2011). Normal Accidents: Living with High Risk Technologies-Updated Edition. Princeton university press.And pretty much why i don’t like nuclear energy

For some years now, there has been the hypothesis that complexity (antifragility) is what natural selection selects. 

Evolution as entropy: Brooks, D. R., Wiley, E. O., & Brooks, D. R. (1988). Evolution as entropy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. And one way to measure complexity is using entropy C~S*(1-S) onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.100…“I said that we can estimate, even measure, fragility and antifragility, while we cannot calculate risks and probabilities of shocks and rare events, no matter how sophisticated we get.” This seems very related with antifragility measurement nature.com/articles/s4159…“The fragilista”… people prone to interfere with things they don’t understand… what a great term!!! @black_swan_man we want this character fighting our hero”We want”.. figurative speaking… (i want.. as public)I think modern Physics has Soviet-Darkness -> very well financed research groups supporting the existence of dark entities (matter and energy) which has not been detected experimentally. And strongly deny alternatives as nrcresearchpress.com/doi/pdf/10.113…

Gravity has shown to be a very hard to understand… but there are always IYI who claim they and only they understand it many in the Soviet-Darkness (controlling science money and publications in the field) but there are plenty of alternatives: iopscience.iop.org/article/10.108…

In other field we might have had a Soviet-Strangeness with the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Again we grasp the maths of quantum theory but when it comes to interpret its meaning…well that is other storyAnd again this school of thought controlled money and publication for many years denying alternatives such as (the one i like the most) Växjö interpretation that eliminates the strangest of quantum mechanics cds.cern.ch/record/538950/…The entopic arrow of time.

In these days @eabuylla porpoised by elected @lopezobrador_ for National Science Council (CONACyT) has been criticized for being “too much” committed with anti GMO and social causes… she has not even present an official project and is being crucified by #IYIMauricio Schwartz

Th stories goes by saying that Landau used to say that Scientific work (probably thinking in physics) should be always publish unless it violets a fundamental principle. The rest should rely on the reader

just realized i’ve never read the same pages so many times… this book is both as chocolate (must enjoyable) and frustrating (in a good manner) because it leaves me thinking for hours with very few sentences readed. It made me remember my days as an explorer.. so good reading!!link.springer.com/chapter/10.100… shows as 
proposed by @nntaleb the Rigth-Skewed distribution of HR are associated to healthy state (#antifrigile) meanwhile Left-Skewed ones with advance diabetes (#fragile), incoming paper health loss = loss of complexity

yes, yes: “We didn’t get where we are thanks to the sissy notion of resilience. And, what’s worse, we didn’t get where we are today thanks to policy makers—but thanks to the appetite for risks and errors of a certain class of people we need to encourage, protect, and respect.”we are only cultural blind to #antifragility

Mithridatization and Hormesis (M-H). In my personal experience i’ve never been healthier than when i was an active explorer and mountaineer in which M-H was common. As when i cross Altar desert with in 37h nonstop

jeje so true “.. saw the banker lifting free weights at the gym, trying to replicate natural exercises using kettlebells as if he were swinging a suitcase. Domain dependence is pervasive.”

soooo true

“I find it better to whisper, not shout,… less clear…. As with mafia dons, the most powerful traders were the least audible. One should have enough self-control to make the audience work hard to listen, which causes them to switch into intellectual overdrive.Yesterday I did 286Lb think i’m on my way…. very impressed by @nntaleb ‘s 330Lb.. those extra 50Lb looks very far

Fuuu***ck!! jus fin this:


think PRI Mexico’s political party understood this (not in a good sense, they stood too long in the power) for a long time until new generations arrived

Maybe the recent attacks against professor Alvarez-Buylla, the proposed science council commission (CONACyT) director for the new presidency will benefit her

For some time now I’d been thinking that seating is a public health problem. Must interesting in a new paper we are writing results shows lost of compelxity as aging

… just haad to read some more lines and Taleb say so: ” Accordingly we can generalize our distinction beyond the biological-nonbiological. More effective is the distinction between noncomplex and complex systems.”now after a period of escaping from clock check works i’ve arrived to one great, with almost no mandatory schedule and colleague like boss… this required me to take lots of risks (labor and academics).. totally worth it!! without freedom anything has value i think

Maybe it would be interest think in co-antifragility term as in co-evolution

This is so profund: “Every random event will bring its own antidote in the form of ecological variation. It is if nature changed itself at every step and modified its strategy every instant.” @nntaleb on why things die and why inmortality es bad idea.

UUUPS, academics!! does this point to the idea that tenure is bad for universities antifragility or in general for science ?

look at the temperature term in the model: fisica.unam.mx/karo/home/pape…

Parents, we need to pay close attention to this! We really need to let our kids to make lots of errors, the more the better (up to certain level, we don’t want they suffer irreversible damage)

#AntifragileParentingwhat about Big Science (i.e. LHC) Vs Small Science (i.e. individual or small group projects)?

I’ve started to think about Alpine Science style, and think it is much better (antifragile) in the same way an Alpine style expedition is more secure and valuable than a commercial expedition.The same is truth about mountaineering and rope use or commercial expeditions

This paper might be of interest for those studing @nntaleb‘s #antifragile to in terms of the trade-off between the interests of the collective and those of the individual. nature.com/articles/s4159…

If you are a no-nonsense scientist you must take a lot of risks exploring “the unknown” some of them professional with high costs in the current modern way of doing science… this quote es beautiful

“My son, I am very disappointed in you,” he said. “I never hear anything wrong said about you. You have proven yourself incapable of generating envy.”

“My son, I am very disappointed in you,” he said. “I never hear anything wrong said about you. You have proven yourself incapable of generating envy.”worth repeating every time it applies, this avoidance of small mistakes makes the large ones more severe.wallets are…in Switzerland, for its shelter, safety, and stability. But all these refugees don’t notice the obvious: the most stable country in the world does not have a government. And it is not stable in spite of not having a government… but because it does not have onewill cities became the new countries?

The way people handle local affairs is vastly different from the way they handle large, abstract public expenditures: we have traditionally lived in small units and tribes and managed rather well in small units.

think this apply to Mexico too

principle of subsidiarity: things should be handled by the smallest possible unit that can manage them with efficacy.Bigger is not better o small is beautiful…

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