Sustainability Digest

Sustainability Digest (SustDig) has pretend to be a successfully node in a new networking of the  sustainability community. It is edited by Dr. Oliver López -Corona, and published by collaboration of  EQUIDE at Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) with Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad (C3), LAboratorio de ciencias de la Sostenibilidad (LANCIS) from UNAM and Otrasenda A. C .

SustDig was inspired in the Complexity Digest edited by Dr. Carlos Gershenson

Contributors are welcome to send submissions to

Copies will be made available to organizations who may wish to repost SustDig to their own mailing lists. Some may customize the appearance of the content provided to them.

Readership should range from academics in almost every field to business people who want to know how to use the concepts. From students in search of knowledge to journalists looking for items from this rich field of activity. All are encouraged so long as it is of use to them.