Dr. Oliver López Corona


I am a Cátedras CONACyT research fellow at CONABIO, in México City (CDMX) and member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI). I also collaborate as an associated researcher at the Centro de Ciencias de la Complejidad-C3 from the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM).

I did undergraduate studies in Physics with Denis Boyer from the complexity Department at Institute de Física (UNAM) studying anomalous diffusion in heterogeneous media, using  the foraging movement of spider monkey in the rain forest, as study system. After that, I continue in a interdiscplinary line of work with Pablo Padilla and Oscar Escolero from IIMAS and Geology Institutes at UNAM, with which i realized my graduate studies of MsC and PhD on the Earth Sciences grad-school at UNAM.

After my PhD i worked with Luis Bojórquez in the Laboratorio Nacional de Ciencias de la Sostenibilidad in several projects (the must important related with Careta-Careta turtles) mostly doing socio-environmental modelling and Data Science. then i had the opportunity of being a DGAPA Posdoctoral Fellow at  Instituto de Astronomia (UNAM) with Sergio Mendoza, doing basically Data Science in astrophysics. Afterworlds i was a full time researcher at Sustainability Institute which is part of the Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO)

Almost in a continuous parallel track I’ve been Profesor de Asignatura and Profesor de Cátedra at Facultad de Ciencias (UNAM).

My work has emerged from the interdisciplinarity in the frontier of Basic Science and Decision Making in a variety of themes such as:

  • Applied Mathematics
    • Modeling coupled socio-environmental systems
    • Systems Dynamics
    • Optimal management of natural resources
    • Probability as the  logic of Science
  • Interdisciplinary Physics
    • Complex systems
    • Thermodynamics and Information Theory
    • Contextual statistics
  • Data Science
    • Ecological data
    • Modified Gravity and other astrophysical problems
    • Social Science
    • Natural Resources Management
    • DataViz
  • Sustainability Sciences
    • Foundations of sustainability
    • Decisions Making
    • Multidimensional Poverty and Equity
    • Socio-enviromental risk management
    • Social complexity and cooperation emergency